Bridal Suite | Dressing Room – Essential Tips 

Getting ready on your wedding day is exciting and sometimes a little overwhelming, especially if you have lots of people to help out and prepare with you for your wedding.

It also happens to be a really long day. 

You’ll need to start getting ready at least 6 hours before you walk down the aisle so that you have plenty of time for hair, makeup, and last-minute touches like adding jewelry or changing shoes. 

To help make this process as fun and easy as possible, you’ll need some essential items in the bridal suite. 

These items will ensure that you feel comfortable and beautiful as you take those last few moments before walking down the aisle!

We put together a list of things every bride needs in their bridal suite!

What Is A Bridal Suite And What Are The Benefits?

A bridal suite is a space where you prep up for the big day, eliminating distractions in getting dressed without any unnecessary people around, providing more time for hair and makeup without having to rush, and allowing you not to have to travel in your gown.

In most cases, a bridal suite is provided free of charge by the venue where your ceremony will be held. It could be either a hotel room, a banquet room, or an area directly inside the church.

Preparing to dress up can be a long process for a bride. You should get dressed in the same place as where you’re getting married to avoid transporting delays and keep your white gown pristine and wrinkle-free.

It can also be a really nice way, better than at home, to get some private time with your girls before all of the madness begins!

Windows And Lots Of Natural Light

A well-lit space with lots of natural light will be best for getting prepared for the celebration. You need to see what you’re doing when it comes to makeup, hair, and picking out your final pieces of jewelry.

You’ll also want a place with plenty of windows and light for good photography so the photographer can take lots of unique shots of you and your bridesmaids.

bridal suite -dressing room - light - windows

If the room is dark because of small windows, consider bringing inexpensive LED ring lights YouTubers use or check with your photographer for options.

You can check ahead of time what type of room your venue has to offer to their brides and take a look at it when you come by on your visit.

Get A Full-Length Mirror

Ideal bridal suites are those with full-length mirrors.

During the meeting with the event coordinator, ask if they have mirrors available at the venue. If not, purchase one and bring it to your wedding.

You want to ensure that you can see your dress from all angles in the mirror before the service and taking photos with your family and bridal party. Check how your gown fits perfectly and if any last-minute fixes need to be done.

Bring Extra Hangers

You’ll always want to have a few extra hangers in the room for any items that need hanging and keep everyone organized. Bring 8-10 hangers, just in case.

If there is enough space, it would be ideal bringing a rolling coat rack.  Otherwise, check if the location can provide one.

You also want to think ahead of time and figure out how to hang your wedding dress without it touching the floor.

Again, ask the wedding location if they have a hook or fixture on the wall for it or if they could provide an extra tall coat rack (at least 72″ in height); otherwise, you will need to bring one.

Provide Food And Beverage

To make the time for yourself and your bridal party as enjoyable as possible, you want to ensure that you have everything you need to stay hydrated throughout the day. 

You should have coffee in the morning and plenty of flat and sparkling water, and soft drinks, ice, and glasses set up and available, and one or two bottles of champagne to toast in style before the main event (excellent photo op for the bride and her bridesmaids).

bridal suite - dressing room - food and beverage

Light food will keep you energized. Fruit platters, mini sandwiches, wraps, salads, crudites with dipping, health bars, and veggie root chips are the ideas for healthy options.

If you are staying in a hotel, you could just order room service delivered to your suite.

Bring A Fabric Steamer

A fabric steamer is a must for your wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses, and your veil, or anything else that needs a quick refresh, so your attire looks terrific in each photo and when you see the groom for the first time. A win-win when it comes to wrinkles.

Ensure you provide your own good steamer since you cannot rely on the location having one free for your wedding or ensuring that theirs doesn’t stain your bridal dress.

Bring An Emergency Kit

Although you might encounter a few minor hick-ups, they shouldn’t be hurdles.

So make sure you have some necessities on hand, such as safety pins, fabric glue, bobby pins, a full makeup kit, bandages, tweezers, a sewing kit, hairspray, nail files, feminine products, scissors, anti-static spray, deodorant, breath mints, stain remover pen, blister balm, dental floss, lint brush, and pocket mirrors.

bridal suite - dressing room - makeup

Bridesmaids Robes And Slippers

It’s not just the bride who needs to get ready on her big day. Ensure your bridal party has some chic robes and slippers so they’re comfortable while getting coiffed and during pre-ceremony beauty preps.

You also need to wear them as close to the ceremony as possible before putting on your dresses to avoid getting any creases or mishaps from taking place before you walk down the aisle.

bridal suite - dressing room - bridesmaid robes

Size And Setup Of The Bridal Suite

To make preparations as enjoyable as possible, you’ll need to reserve a large room that can accommodate the whole bridal party and has plenty of range for them to store their belongings.

You will need more than one mirror, seating for everyone, lighting options, and plenty of outlets to plug in hairdryers and phone chargers.

The bridal suite will require an area for chairs and tables and a table for the food and beverage.

Music – Optional

Whether you’re listening to a radio station, a channel on Pandora, or Spotify, make sure you have some of everyone’s favorite songs on your playlist.

Just pack some portable speakers that you can connect to a smartphone or tablet, and off you go.

Miscellaneous Tips For The Bridal Suite

  • Double-check if the electrical circuits can take multiple commercial-grade hairdryers going at the same time.
  • Verify at what time you can get in. Some places charge overtime or for an additional night if you check in too early.
  • Advance order food and beverages from Room Service beforehand so that your wedding day is less stressful on the actual date.
  • If ordering indoor dining is not an option, place an order of food and beverage ahead of time at a nearby Deli or Diner, or bring snacks in disposable containers.
  • Handheld mini fans can be lifesaving essentials. Pack a few in your suitcase.
  • Always keep your timeline and planner handy to keep up with your schedule lining up to the ceremony.
  • Have the doors locked during the wedding reception to keep everyone’s belongings safe.
  • Ensure you pick up everything at the end. Make sure that whoever helps out pack up is there when it comes time. This will ensure you don’t forget anything.
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