What Is A Junior Bridesmaid?

The junior bridesmaid is a young member of the bridal party who would be either too young to be a bridesmaid or too old to be a flower girl.

If you or the groom have a younger sister, a cousin, a niece, or another dear and close family member or friend, offering her a position in the bridal party will make her feel very important and special and a perfect addition to your wedding party.

A junior bridesmaid is usually between the ages of about eight to sixteen, but you can have any age that suits your needs as long as it’s not over sixteen years old.

Do You Need A Junior Bridesmaid?

You don’t necessarily have to fill this position, but it’s your wedding, and you can have as many or few roles and attendants in your bridal party as you want.

It depends on your personal situation and if you have any younger girls in your inner circle of siblings, family, and friends excited about the position.

Some girls might have been flower girls at someone else’s wedding when they were younger.

Whoever you will ask to be a junior bridesmaid in your bridal party will love being part of your big day, and it would be thoughtful to add her to your wedding party!

Junior Bridesmaids Are A Great Way To Include Younger Loved Ones In Your Wedding Party

• It’s also a sweet gesture for them, and they’ll be honored, respected, and part of all the fun.

• This also gives them some engagement at their age range and promotes to take on more responsibilities.

• Makes young relatives feel valued.

• Make it a memorable experience for the recipient.

• Brings new members into the fold of your loved ones.

• Promotes family values.

What Are Junior Bridesmaids Responsibilities?

The junior bridesmaid does not need to be involved in any wedding planning projects.

However, she would be invited to attend age-appropriate pre-wedding events such as the bridal shower and the rehearsal dinner but not be part of the bachelorette party.

Many brides embrace her to help to shop for bridesmaid dresses together with the other bridesmaids and let her pick her own dress.

The junior bridesmaid participates in the wedding rehearsal to practice the ceremony and will walk down the aisle with everyone in the wedding party.

Other than that she is not required to do anything other than have fun at the wedding, enjoy her tiara or flower crown and have a blast!

Getting The Most Out Of Your Role As A Junior Bridesmaid

The junior bridesmaid has a lot of freedom and only a few duties.  

But here are some options to give her some sort of responsibility to get the most out of her role and support her fellow bridesmaids.

– Keep an eye on other young children of the wedding party during formal events, like the flower girls and ring bearer.

– Help with preparations for before the wedding starts, like sorting the escort cards alphabetically, helping the ushers hand out programs, helping assemble, and giving out wedding favors.

– Be one of the readers during the service.

What Should A Junior Bridesmaid Wear?

Junior bridesmaids can be dressed in the same dress style as the other bridesmaids if it comes in a smaller size, but it is really up to you.

Ensure the style is appropriate for her age, including her hairstyle, possible makeup, accessories, and check with her parents.

Otherwise, go for an adorable look and style in whatever color you choose and anything from floral to romantic or classic prints.

what is a junior bridesmaid - dress selection

There are beautiful designs that fit every girl’s personality and make her feel like royalty when she puts it on.  Don’t worry about not precisely matching the bridesmaid dresses.

Junior Bridesmaids Are Part Of The Ceremony

It is exciting for every young girl to be part of the ceremony and create a special friendship with you and a memory that she will cherish for the rest of her life.

It is wonderful to share this special day as well, even if you have a smaller role.

Wedding Rehearsal

A rehearsal should take place before the day of the wedding night.

Everyone in the wedding will need to know in what sequence they will be walking down the aisle, where they stand in front of the room or by the altar, and with whom they would walk out during the recessional. 

Naturally, the junior bridesmaid would need to attend the wedding rehearsal, so she is all set and ready for all the important details on the big day.

Lining Up In The Processional

When you are about ready to start with the ceremony the junior bridesmaid would fill the space between the groomsmen and bridesmaids in the lineup.

Who Will The Junior Bridesmaid Walk Down The Aisle With?

Once the groomsmen walked down the aisle and positioned themselves next to the groom, the junior bridesmaid would be next.

She could either walk by herself or if there is more than one proceed as a group.

If you have both junior groomsmen and junior bridesmaids, they could couple up and walk together.

Where Does The Junior Bridesmaid Stand?

Unless you have her seated (first or second row) she would be standing next to the bridesmaids.

Some brides consider height for visual effects and have bridesmaids standing next to her in the order of how tall they are.

what is a junior bridesmaid - dress bow

What Should I Give My Junior Bridesmaid As A Gift?

Treat your junior bridesmaid to something extra special for this important role in your ceremony.

You can give her many adorable gifts for your wedding to show your appreciation for being there.

A gift for your junior bridesmaid could be jewelry, accessories for her smartphone, or a makeup kit that comes with everything she needs to make herself look and feel beautiful. You can also consider giving her a cute outfit such as a dress paired with a cardigan or jacket!


Choosing to have a junior bridesmaid is ultimately your decision.

It is a happy, casual way to include an additional person on your big day without requiring them to take on the responsibilities of being a bridesmaid.

A junior bridesmaid’s role in the wedding usually will not be too demanding so it would be fun for her to have this opportunity.



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