How To Say No Kids At Wedding: Crafting the Perfect Adults-Only Invite

If you’re planning your wedding, finding the right words to say no to kids at your wedding can be a tough call. While some couples invite kids, others opt for an adult-only celebration.

If you fall into the latter category, you may wonder how to communicate this decision to your guests without offending them.

Consider why you want an adults-only wedding. Maybe you want a fancy feel, or there’s not enough room for kids.

Whatever your reasons, be clear on why you’ve made this decision. Find out how to tell your guests in a nice and sure way.

How To Say No Kids At Wedding

Key Takeaways:

  • Wording: Be clear and considerate in your invitation wording.
  • Reasons for Adults-Only: Budget, space, or desired atmosphere.
  • Etiquette: Approach the ‘no kids’ topic gently and understandingly.

Best Practices for Announcing Your Child-Free Wedding

When communicating your decision to have a child-free wedding, there are a few ways to go about it.  You can use several methods to convey your choice of having an event without children.

You can include it in your Save the Date, and then again in your Invitations, on your wedding website, or spread the word through word of mouth.

Adults Only Wedding Invitation

An adults-only wedding invitation indicates that only guests aged 18 and above are welcome to attend the celebration. This is a unique choice made by the couple to create a more sophisticated and elegant atmosphere for their special day. It is essential for invitees to respect the couple’s wishes and make appropriate arrangements for childcare if needed.

Elegant No-Children Wedding Invitation Wording

Let your guests know through your invitations.  There are a few ways to do so. A straightforward way is to include “Adults Only” or “No Kids” on the invitation itself. It’s straightforward and avoids ambiguity. While you can use softer phrases, mentioning “adults only wedding” or “adults only celebration” directly on the invitation ensures clarity.

You can also be more specific and include a note about the reception being for adults only.

Here are 30 no-kids wedding invitation wording ideas:

  • “We respectfully request no children at our wedding ceremony and reception.”

  • “Due to limited space, we kindly request that our wedding be an adults only affair.” 

  • “We love your little ones, but we respectfully request that our wedding and reception be an adults only celebration.”

  • “We adore your children but kindly request an adults only celebration.”

  • “To allow all guests a night off, we have chosen an adults only reception.”

  • “Join us for an adults only celebration of love.”

  • “We hope you understand, but our wedding will be for adults only.”

  • “Although we love your little ones, we politely request no children.”

  • “Although we can happily accommodate children at our ceremony, we are not able to invite them to our reception and dinner.”

  • “We love your children but graciously request that our wedding and reception be adults only.” 

  • “We invite you to enjoy an evening of adult company at our wedding.”

  • “Please join us for a grown-ups-only celebration of love and commitment.”

  • “Our special day will be a child-free occasion, and we thank you for your understanding.”

  • “We’re keeping our wedding just for the grown-ups, so let’s make it a night to remember!”

  • “An evening of elegance and adulthood awaits — our wedding is adults only.”

  • “We’re opting for an adult atmosphere on our wedding day and appreciate your cooperation.”

  • Our wedding vows will be exchanged in an adults-only setting.

  • “Please note, our wedding celebration is reserved for adult guests only.”

  • “For a night of adult festivities, we kindly ask that our wedding be child-free.”

  • “In respect of our wish for an adult setting, please attend our wedding without children.”

  • “Our wedding will be a time for adults to relax and celebrae, without the little ones.”

  • “We cherish your kids, but please join us alone for our adults-only wedding.”

  • “Our special day will be more adult-oriented, and we hope for your support in this decision.”

  • “Let’s enjoy an evening of adult company and celebration at our wedding.”

  • “We kindly request that our wedding remain an exclusive event for adults.”

  • “Please help us maintain an adult ambiance at our wedding by leaving the little ones at home.”

  • “Our wedding day will be a celebration of adults, and we thank you for understanding.”

  • “We’re planning an adults-only wedding ceremony and reception for a relaxed atmosphere.”

  • “Join us for an elegant, adults-only affair to celebrate our love.”

  • “We are looking forward to an adult-exclusive wedding and reception and appreciate your cooperation.”

How To Say No Kids At Wedding

Explaining Your Choice for an Adults-Only Wedding

Deciding whether or not to invite children can be a tricky decision. Understanding the rationale for your decision and effectively communicating it to your guests is crucial.

Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether to invite children on your big day.

Personal Reasons

Your decision to have an adult-only wedding may be based on personal reasons. Perhaps you want a more formal affair or don’t want to worry about children running around during the reception.

Maybe you want to avoid any potential disruptions during the ceremony or speeches. Whatever your reasons, don’t be shy about communicating them clearly while being respectful to your guests.

Budget Constraints

Inviting children can add to the cost of your wedding, as you may need to provide meals, entertainment, and childcare. Kids’ meals typically do not break the bank, but if you’re working with a limited budget, you may need to make tough decisions about who to invite.

Space Constraints

If you’re planning a wedding in a small venue, you may not have enough space to accommodate children. This can be especially true if you’re having a seated dinner in a smaller restaurant or a formal venue with a limited footprint.

Consider the logistics of your event and whether you have enough space to accommodate your guests comfortably.

Remember to be polite and clear in your wording, and ensure that you include the information on both the invitation and RSV cards.

How To Say No Kids At Wedding

Adults-Only Wedding: Etiquette and Guest Communication

Navigating wedding etiquette can be tricky, especially when it involves excluding children from your guest list. It’s crucial to approach the topic gently, ensuring your guests understand the reasons without feeling offended.

Keep in mind that while some guests may appreciate a night away from their children, others might find it challenging, especially if they need to travel.

Here are some tips to help you navigate the process:

Save the Dates

If you’re planning a kid-free wedding, communicate this information early on. Include a note on the Save the Date card that the wedding is an adult-only occasion. This will give guests time to make childcare arrangements.

RSVP and Response Cards

Clarify from the get-go on the RSVP card that children are not invited to your wedding. Use wording such as “Adults Only Reception” or “We respectfully request no children.” Be sure to include the number of seats reserved for each wedding guest to avoid confusion.

Also, wording such as “Number of adults attending” can gently remind you of the adult-only nature of your big day.

Etiquette for Immediate Family

Be clear about your expectations. If you’re not inviting any children, ensure that you communicate this to your siblings, parents, and other close family members. If you’re allowing some children but not others, make sure to explain your reasoning so that no one feels left out.

Include Your Decision on Your Wedding Website

Your wedding website is another great place to communicate your decision to have a child-free wedding. You can include a section on the website that specifically addresses the topic and even provide more detailed information about why you made the decision.

Make sure to include the information prominently on your website, and consider including a note about how you will be providing childcare options for out-of-town guests who may need them.

Alternatively, Include Kids in the Wedding-Party-Only

If you have close family members with children, consider including them as a flower girl or ring bearer in the wedding party but not in the reception.

This way, their children can still be a part of your special day without needing to attend the reception. Naturally, the parents need to be on the same page and ensure they’re comfortable with their children being a part of the wedding party. 

If you choose to exclude children, do so politely and respectfully. Be prepared for some guests to decline the invitation, but don’t feel guilty about excluding children if it’s what you want for your special day.

How to Word a Kids-Welcome Ceremony and Adults-Only Reception”

  • “We invite your whole family to join us for the ceremony. For the evening celebration, we kindly request an adult-only affair.”

  • “Your little ones are welcome to witness our ‘I dos’, but we’re keeping the reception just for the grown-ups.”

  • “Join us with your children for our wedding ceremony. Please note, the reception will be a time for adults to relax and celebrate.”

  • “We would be delighted to have your children with us at the ceremony, but the reception will be an adult-exclusive celebration.”

  • “The magic of our ceremony is open to all ages, but we are reserving the reception for a night of adult merriment.”

  • “Little guests are welcome to be part of our ‘I do’ moment, however, the reception will be an adults-only occasion.”

  • “Please feel free to bring your children to our heartwarming ceremony. We’re planning an adults-only reception to follow.”

  • “We look forward to seeing your children’s smiling faces at the ceremony. The reception afterward will be a more adult-focused celebration.”

  • “Your young ones are cherished guests at our ceremony, but we ask that the reception be an evening for adults.”

  • “Celebrate with us and your little ones at the wedding ceremony. The reception will be a time for adult guests to let loose and enjoy.”

Managing Potential Issues

When you decide to have a kid-free wedding, anticipate possible issues and have a plan to address them. Guests should respect your decision, as the wedding day is about the couple’s wishes.

Here are some sub-sections to help you manage potential issues:

Handling Objections to Your No-Kids Wedding Policy

Some guests may be disappointed or upset about not being able to bring their children to your wedding.

Do your best to address their complaints with empathy and understanding. You can explain your reasons for not allowing children at your wedding, such as wanting a more adult-oriented atmosphere, limited space, or budget constraints. Encourage them to attend the wedding without their children and offer to help them find a babysitter if needed.

Providing Childcare Solutions for Wedding Guests

One way to accommodate parents who want to attend your wedding but can’t find a babysitter is to offer childcare solutions.

You can provide a list of recommended babysitters or a babysitting service available on-site or nearby. This way, parents can enjoy the wedding while their children are cared for. You can also consider offering a separate area for kids to play and watch movies.

Adjusting Wedding Plans to Include Children

If you decide to accommodate children at your wedding later on, communicate the change promptly. It would be appreciated by guests who were initially unsure about their attendance due to childcare concerns.

  • Prompt Communication: As soon as you decide to allow children at your wedding, inform your guests. This will be especially helpful for those who are worried about childcare.

  • Update All Channels: Make sure to update your wedding website and use other communication methods like social media or group emails to spread the word.

  • Plan for Integration: Consider how the children will fit into your event. Consider these aspects:
    • Set up a specific area for kids.
    • Organize child-friendly activities and menus.
    • Consider hiring childcare services to look after them during the event.

  • Ensure Comfort for All: By carefully planning and communicating these changes, you can make your wedding enjoyable for both adults and children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we ask guests not to bring their children to the wedding?

Yes, you can ask guests not to bring their children to the wedding. It is your wedding, and you have the right to decide who you want to invite. However, it is important to communicate this in a polite and respectful manner.

What is the best way to communicate that our wedding is adults-only?

The best way to communicate that your wedding is adults-only is by addressing the invitation to the specific guests who are invited and only including their names on the invitation. You can also include a note on your wedding website or a separate enclosure card that states that your wedding is adults-only.

How do we politely decline guests who RSVP with their children?

When guests want to confirm to attend with their children, you can politely decline by explaining that your wedding is adults-only and that you are unable to accommodate children. You can also offer suggestions for childcare options or activities for their children during the wedding.

What are some creative ways to word an adults-only wedding invitation?

Some creative ways to word an adults-only wedding invitation include stating that the wedding is “for adults only” or “an evening of dining and dancing for adults.” You can also use phrases such as “adults-only affair” or “adults-only reception.”

Is it considered rude to have a child-free wedding?

No, it is not considered rude to have a child-free wedding. It is your wedding, and you have the right to decide who you want to invite. However, it is important to communicate this in a polite and respectful manner.

What is the appropriate age restriction to put on a wedding invitation?

There is no specific age restriction that is appropriate to put on a wedding invitation. It is up to the couple to decide if they want to include children or not. However, it is important to communicate this clearly and respectfully to your guests.

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